Weekly Winners July 25th, 2019

Congratulations to this weeks winners! Eric Davis, winner of Best Speaker, delivered his 3 speech from Pathways, and taught us all about coffee; how fitting for our morning meeting! Eric's evaluator, Megan Donaldson, won Best Evaluator for the week; Megan did a great job using her stage presence while giving valuable feedback. Our Table Topics sections this week was one to remember, with each member having to finish acting out a scene described to them just seconds before. Ed Watson, Best Table Topics, gave a lively performance as he was sick and tired of being on the run in his criminal life! Great job everyone!

Best Speaker: Eric Davis

Best Evaluator: Megan Donaldson

Best Table Topics: Ed Watson

Weekly Winners July 18th, 2019

Congratulations to this week's winners at Cherry Capital Toastmasters! Our Best Speaker of the week, Scott Gorman, gave us some insight into his years growing up and what lead him to his career that he's in today. Best Evaluator, Alex Moore, gave great feedback to Scott's speech and highlighted Scott's use of anecdotes and descriptive vocabulary. Scott Blair won Best Table Topics this week, thanks for helping us solve the "murder mystery", what a creative and fun theme for Table Topics!

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Best Speaker: Scott Gorman

Best Evaluator: Alex Moore

Best Table Topics: Scott Blair

Weekly Winners July 11th, 2019

Congratulations to this week's winners at Cherry Capital Toastmasters! We had a strong meeting after coming back from our week off due to the holiday. Best Speaker, Scott Korljan, gave his Ice Breaker speech. Scott did an outstanding job, using no notes as he explained "what a pastor does". Best Evaluator was Eric Davis, giving exemplary feedback to Scott. We had a tie for our Table Topics winner's, splitting the win between Alex Moore and our guest Buzz!

Additionally, we got an update to our club banner. Thanks to Tyler Cerny and Ed Roth fo unveiling that at todays meeting!

Thanks to everyone who came to today's meeting. We will see you next week!

Best Speaker: Scott Korljan

Best Evaluator: Eric Davis

Best Table Topics: Alex Moore and Buzz (guest)

Weekly Winners June 27th, 2019

Congratulations to this week's winners at Cherry Capital Toastmasters! Our Best Speaker at today's meeting was Clara Cherry, who gave a monologue performance from her interpretive reading workbook. Matthew French, our winner for Best Evaluator, evaluated Clara's performance giving descriptive and captivating feedback. For our Table Topics section, Ed Watson won Best Table Topics for engaging with the audience with the little time given to speak. Last, but not least, Bruce Moore was our Toastmaster of the meeting, leading a well organized and smooth meeting!

Thank you everyone for attending! We look forward to seeing you July 11th as we will not have a meeting on July 4th.

Best Speaker: Clara Cherry

Best Evaluator: Matthew French

Best Table Topics: Ed Watson 

Weekly Winners June 20th, 2019

This week's winners at Cherry Capital Toastmasters are Colby Hemond, Best Speaker; Megan Donaldson, Best Table Topics for the second week in a row; and Eric Davis, Best Evaluator. Colby Hemond devliverd his second speech as a member of Cherry Capital Toastmasters, where he shared all of the places he's lived (3 states, and 10 houses) and why those places made him the person he is today. Eric Davis won best evaluator as Colby Hemond's evaluator; This was Eric's first evaluation and he provided great positive feedback and focused on the areas where the speaker was trying to make improvements. Megan Donaldson is starting a 2 week streak as Best Table Topics winner, she recently re-joined Toastmasters, and we couldn't be happier to have her as a member of our club!

Best Speaker: Colby Hemond

Best Evaluator: Eric Davis

Best Table Topics: Megan Donaldson

Thank you to everyone who attended this weeks meeting and we are looking forward to seeing everyone next week!